Industrial Rack Safety and Impact Monitoring
Oversee Your Racking System 24/7 and Prevent Accidents

How Industrial Rack Safety and Impact Monitoring Works?

With this easily deployable, cost-effective solution, your racking system is always protected. Sensors installed on the racks detect any impact that is strong enough to displace pallets, inventory or equipment that is being stored, which can damage the balance of the rack, cause pallets to fall and may cause accidents. When impact is detected, an immediate alert is sent out to relevant personnel through mail and management panel notification. With the impact data collected, management panel administrators can create reports that can be used to improve the safety of industrial racking systems.
How Industrial Rack Safety and Impact Monitoring Works?
Automate Periodic Rack Checks - Save Time and Manpower

Automate Periodic Rack Checks, Save Time and Manpower

  • Get notified immediately as soon as rack damage happens and address the issue quickly

  • Allow your employees to focus on value adding tasks rather than rack checks

  • Keep track of areas and racking that is more frequently impacted, analyze the risk and improve operations for more safety and efficiency

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