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Boni Global is the leading IoT company in Turkey with over 10 years of experience in location-based technologies. We offer IoT platforms that address different safety, security and efficiency needs of companies.

safe steps iot platform - safe steps endüstriyel iot platformu

The all-in-one work health and safety IoT platform helps you manage all your safety functions from one intiutive panel

smart steps iot platform - safe steps endüstriyel iot platformu

Simplify wayfinding in your facilities for an improved visitor journey.

loud steps iot platform - safe steps endüstriyel iot platformu

Empower your guests with disabilities by providing them with accessible navigation.

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Our mission is to digitally transform physical spaces with our iot platforms

Our mission as the leading IoT company in Turkey is to build engagement between people, assets and buildings for meaningful digital transformation. Our core value is always focusing on the human factor and creating shared value for both our clients and their end users. We focus our value creation efforts in 3 areas.

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iot platform for spatial awareness - mekansal farkındalık için endüstriyel iot çözümleri

Providing Spatial Awareness for everyone

We believe wayfinding indoors is an important component of people’s experience, which is why we use our expertise in indoor location technologies in creating out IoT platforms to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.

iot platform for highest standard of safety - güvenlik için me için endüstriyel iot çözümleri

Reaching the highest Standard of safety

In the contemporary world, providing the highest level of protection for the employees is not only a priority, it is something every business should do to survive. With our IoT platforms, we aim to be the al-in-one safety management solution provider for our clients.

iot platform for boosted operational efficiency - yüksek düzeyde verimlilik için endüstriyel iot çözümleri

Boosting Productivity and efficiency

Digitally transformed facilities offer the highest level of efficiency for businesses, and we are in the business of digital transformation. Our IoT platforms help clients achieve interconnectivity and productivity in their operations, which benefits both the management and the employees.

iot platforms success storıes

Find out how we helped our clients achieve operational excellence, customer satisfaction and the highest standard of safety.

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Safe Steps mobile application and platform aims to help businesses digitally transform their operations and rapidly adapt to the current conditions as the world emerges from lockdown and employees go back to work