Case Tracking

Zone-Based Case Tracking

For heavy industry such as metal, automotive and durable household goods, the heavy parts and WIP assets are transported around the facility in metal cases instead of pallets. In many occasions, these cases cost more than the load they are carrying. The cases are also made to be reused, meaning it is important to prevent losses. More importantly, tracking the location of parts and WIP assetsv helps streamline operations and reduce asset loss.

Boni Global’s Case Tracking solution uses BLE trackers to provide real-time zone based location data of cases, which helps manufacturers identify waste and determine where manufacturing and shipping might get bottlenecked. This also heightens quality control, ensuring that every needed piece is present at the time it’s needed, and that no manufactured part is lost, misplaced, or mishandled. Reusable cases are not lost and financial losses are prevented.

Agility and Optimization with Case Tracking Location Data

  • By tracking parts and knowing how fast they are being used, purchasing becomes extremely accurate preventing both excess and shortages.
  • With case tracking, know where your WIP assets are to streamline production and work faster.
Agility and Optimization with Location Data - steel case tracking - box tracking - çelik kasa takibi

Prevent Financial Losses

  • With case tracking, eliminate “ghost assets”, which are parts received and forgotten in the factory.
  • Case location tracking prevents the loss of reusable cases to avoid signicant financial losses.
Prevent Financial Losses with case tracking - çelik kasa takibi

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