Emergency Roll Call

RTLS for Better Performance in

Emergency Evacuation Scenarios

How Emergency Roll Call Works?

With the emergency roll call solution, mustering emergency roll call is automated. Evacuation process is started from the dashboard, RTLS is activated and panel users can monitor the zones and see the workers in each zone.
Administrators are able to track the zone each employee in in to ensure they have reached safety. With accurate location data, headcounts are made more accurate. Missing employees can instantly be identified and reported to minimize critical time loss.
çimento sektörü için çözümler pandemi güvenliği - pandemic safety in cement industry

Automate Emergency Headcount and Ensure the Safety of Each Employee

  • Evacuation of the zones visualized in a simple way through the management panel
  • The real time location of all employees including lone workers can be monitored to ensure they have reached safety.
  • Measure company’s evacuation performance with reports on management panel

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