Forklift Location Tracking

Track the Location of Forklifts

to Boost Efficiency and Safety

How Forklift Location Tracking Works?

With a location tracker built into your forklifts and other mobile equipment, it is possible to track the movement of forklift in the facilities. The system can be accessed and managed through a management platform, which makes it ideal for developers who require flexibility.

The indoor and outdoor forklift location tracking system in warehouses or production plants improves transparency of logistics processes and find bottlenecks to increase efficiency. 

forklift location tracking
forklift location tracking

Optimize Forklift Routes and Shorten Time to Find the Equipment Before Usage

  • With real time and historical movement data, optimize forklift routes and minimize the usage while maximizing efficiency
  • Find equipment immediately and shorten the time needed to locate them before usage
  • Leverage precise real time and historical location and movement data to increase the transparency of logistics processes.

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