Lone Worker Safety

Fast Response to Lone

Worker Emergencies

Components of Lone Worker Safety Solution

Panic Call

Employees who work in unpredictable situations may not have the time or ability to place a phone call for help, or to go through all of the steps on a typical alert device. With Boni Global’s wearable panic button is designed to be on the person at all times for optimal worker safety.

Workers can simply alert ask for assistance with just one push of a button that’s always accessible. When pressed, the button activates the RTLS sensor in the device, allowing personnel to easily reach the exact location of the employee in need of help.
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RTLS Panic Call Device for Lone Workers

  • WHS department receives emergency panic calls in real time through the management panel and can respond to the situation immediately with location information.
  • Historical reports can be accessed and analyzed on the management panel to improve safety in the facilities
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Man Down/Stillness Detection

To ensure relevant personnel are alerted when there is the possibility of an emergency as soon as it happens, sensors built into ergonomically designed wearable devices detect that the worker has fallen, is motionless and may be injured.

Stillness detection is triggered when there is a period of stillness with the worker. When it is triggered, WHS personnel are alerted through the management panel with the location of the person in need of assistance. The system minimizes response time and improves the safety performance of the company.

Automatic Idleness Detection for Fast Emergency Response

  • The sensors detect idleness that may indicate a fall or unconsciousness.
  • Management panel is notified immediately when stillness is detected
  • Workers can alert for help even when they are not able to press the panic button or communicate with others.
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