forklift monitoring solutions

Leverage Location Awareness for 

Higher Visibility ın Forklift Operations

In the era of Industry 4.0, digitally transformed facilities leverage location data to ensure optimized deployment of mobile equipment such as forklifts, lifting vehicles and AGVs. With precise RTLS systems, location and movement information can be turned into meaningful insights to boost efficiency, productivity and most importantly, employee safety.

With Boni Global’s award winning IoT technologies, forklift operations in production facilities and warehouses are becoming more transparent and efficient. Using real time location data, our forklift monitoring solutions solutions bring higher process visibility in complex work facilities with both indoor and outdoor areas.

Precision and Reliability

Boni Global utilizes state-of-the-art sensors and devices to ensure the most accurate location-based efficiency and safety solutions. 

Easy Deployment

Location trackers and smart badges can be quickly deployed and the system is ready to use immediately. 

Management Panel

Our management panel provides seamless user experience and a single access point to manage forklift operations. 

Integrated Solutions

Bundle all forklift solutions for an all-in-one forklift management system. 

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