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Boni uses the latest technology to improve your work in the means of productivity and safety. As a leading IoT company in Turkey, we offer multiple solutions with high-tech devices. Our main goal is to help companies reach maximum performance by increasing their efficiency. So, how do we do this?

Thanks to the devices developed within the scope of IoT solutions, it becomes possible to analyze detailed job performances, workforce tracking, and safety. Analyzing the productivity of workers and assets at a glance provides many benefits in the short term.

If you are asking how it is possible to track data at a glance, we have the answer. This is where the comprehensive platform developed by Boni Global comes into play. The platform, which collects all data tracking in a single system, manages to meet company demands with the features it offers. Let’s take a look at the general features that the platform offers you.

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Track and Monitor Critical Assets and Personnel Locations

Knowing where personnel and assets are in the workplace has never been easier. With the maps and reports on the platform, you can instantly identify both personnel and asset locations. 

Moreover, the simultaneous monitoring of indoor and outdoor location tracking creates a versatile structure. Since the tracking process is in a hybrid structure, it can work uninterruptedly in all areas. Zone and GPS-based tracker options allow you to increase productivity in every area.

Monitor Different Sensor Analyses

Location-based technologies offered to you with IoT solutions make it possible to monitor different data. These data types include not only location but also heat, temperature, humidity, load, vibration, and pressure analyses. 

The sensor data on the platform enables monitoring of data such as assets and personnel’s working time and health conditions. Standing out with its functionality, the platform manages to offer more than expected performance.

iot platform - Monitor Devices With Custom Indicators ​
3- Create Multiple Rule Engine Structures - Iot platform

Create Multiple Rule Engine Structures

One of the biggest advantages of the platform is that it has a flexible structure that is adaptable to you and your decisions. You can instantly create the rule you want in your workplace via the platform. 

These rule engines can be created in terms of location, time, or a certain period of time. For example, you can prohibit entry to a specific area, keep assets in a certain area, or set rules to ensure the safety of personnel. Identifying the rule you want instantly, is one of the ways to create work order automatically.

Be Informed with Instant Notifications about Alarms and Rule Attempts

Alarms indicating that a lone worker is in danger or notifications indicating that the rules you have created are violated, instantly appear on the platform. It is possible to view notifications not only from the platform but also via E-Mail or SMS. 

By displaying notifications, you can monitor your work closely and stay up to date at any time. Moreover, the required actions you want to integrate into your system can be triggered thanks to APIs.

Step Forward With Digital Maps

Mapping solutions have a vital role in the market’s evaluation process. Digital Twin, one of the latest technologies in mapping solutions, has a lot to offer. With 2D and 3D digital maps created within the Digital Twin approach, it is possible to track your assets and personnel data.

Step Forward With Digital Maps - digital twin

Monitor All Critical Indicators in One Page

The platform dashboard provides information about performance analysis, statistics about devices, and customizable features. Save time with the advantage of seeing the data you need at a glance.
Monitor All Critical Indicators in One Page
Explore Advanced Location Analytics

Explore Advanced Analytics

The platform heatmap creates the visuals that allow you to see asset and personnel density. It becomes easier to identify dense areas and to plan asset or personnel assignments. Location analyses that can be viewed within the platform, bring along route tracking, spaghetti analyzes, and more. 

A spaghetti diagram is a flow line that follows the path of personnel and assets through the process. Thanks to advanced location tracking, the flow of assets can be viewed instantly. Moreover, it can be ensured that personnel and assets stay in a certain flow. For example, it is possible to instantly view an asset that comes out of your planned flow line. Organizing your work becomes easy and fast


Connect The Versatile Platform with Compatible IoT Devices

Boni offers you many functional IoT devices. However, you can add various supported IoT devices preferred by your company to the platform. Thus, you can use a single platform while managing your devices.
asset tracking
Monitor Devices With Custom Indicators ​

Create Your Organization Management

The organization management system in the panel allows you to reach your goal by tracking both personnel and asset data. Thanks to the structure established with organization management, tasks such as authorization can be given instantly. Organization management allows you to make progress by increasing performance.

Monitor IoT Devices with Custom Indicators

Checking the status of devices in assets or employees becomes easy thanks to the statistics provided by the platform. It is possible to display device battery levels, last received data time, malfunctions, and notifications on the platform.
Monitor Devices With Custom Indicators ​

Get Easy Integration Advantage with API Support

APIs allows you to easily integrate the asset and personnel data of your company into the system. You can reach maximum efficiency by having interconnected and up-to-date systems. Likewise, if you want to see your data on the Boni platform, you can take advantage of the easy integration. Boni Platform offers you complete flexibility in the integration process.


In addition to the general features of the platform, there are also solutions it offers.

Each solution is carefully created to take your business one step ahead. Now let’s take a look at the platform modules. 


Customizable safety Solution for factories

Emergency Module

As a business owner, you must protect your employees from potential hazards. To guide you in the means of worker safety, the emergency module warns you of potential hazards that you need to know or pay attention to establish worker safety. 

Thanks to the platform, it becomes possible to instantly identify the moments when workers fall, get injured, or stay still for a long time. When the panic buttons of the workers become active, the platform receives an instant notification. It is also possible to monitor the evacuation process and determine the restricted areas. 

So, what are the benefits of the emergency module? 

  • Detecting areas with safety breaches and taking action to prevent them from happening again. 
  • Analyzing risk assessments in detail and taking action when necessary or promptly. 
  • Instantly detecting the location of employees during evacuation times and ensuring their safety. 

Operator Login


Your job depends on your employees. To achieve the best, you must constantly display the efficiency and productivity of your employees. Only for this matter, the operator login solution is available right here for you. The operator login or workforce tracking, which analyzes how workers use their time, how long they stay active in their stations, and check-in/check-out times, aims to increase productivity. 

It is possible to increase work efficiency with the reports created by the workforce tracking. Not only reports but also heatmap systems that allow you to see employee density and productivity are offered to you. 

Short-term gains with the operator login system; 

  • Creating a business plan in line with performance reports; gaining full efficiency. 
  • Ability to display employee productivity in detail; achieving maximum success in performance evaluations
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asset tracking

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking provides information about the positions of each asset owned by your company. In addition to indoor/outdoor tracking and the working intensity, efficiency, and malfunctions of assets can also be viewed on the platform. 

Map systems and various performance reports allow you to keep a close eye on your assets. It is also possible to assign the desired tasks to the assets thanks to the platform. Reach maximum efficiency in a short time with our platform’s features at your fingertips. 

Featured advantages of asset tracking; 

  • Get instant information about where assets are and their density areas. 
  • View reports, statistics, and maps regarding asset data; stay up to date at all times.  
  • Identifying unnecessary assets that increase costs within the areas that have less density; Hence, isolate your unpredictable costs. 
  • In addition to data tracking, you will be informed instantly about alarms or rule attempts. 

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