Forklift Tracking

UWB for Real-Time Forklift Tracking

Forklifts, lifting equipment and AGVs are commonly used in many sectors including manufacturing, shipping, warehousing and construction. In many instances, the visibility of forklifts is minimal due to facility structure and complex operations. Forklift tracking can increase the visibility of forklift operations, provides insights to optimize for more efficiency and cost reduction.

With a UWB-based forklift tracking device mounted on to your forklifts and other vehicles, it is possible to track their movement in real-time. Hybrid forklift tracking devices that support both UWB and GPS protocols allow for seamless integration of indoor and outdoor location data. The asset tracking management panel allows forklift tracking in real-time and access to meaningful reports that can be used to find bottlenecks and reduce search time to increase efficiency.

Gain Valuable Insights into Forklift Movement and Utilization

  • Locate forklifts immediately and reduce search time before usage.
  • With real-time and historical movement data, optimize forklift routes and minimize the usage while maximizing efficiency.
  • With forklift tracking, manage your fleet more effectively and minimize costs by eliminating obsolete vehicles.
  • Leverage precise real time and historical location data to increase the transparency of logistics processes.
Forklift Movement and Utilization - boni global forklift tracking forklift takibi

Secure Your Forklift Fleet and Workforce

  • Receive alerts if any vehicle has been removed from the designated zone with geofencing.
  • Prevent loss of vehicles by tracking movement.
  • Integrate Forklift Tracking to Collision Avoidance Solution for a comprehensive forklift management system that protects your fleet and pedestrian workers against the risk of collisions.
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