Forklift Utilization Optimization

Monitor forklift usage cost-effectively

with vibration sensors

How Forklift Utilization Optimization Works?

Vibration sensors placed on the forklift collects usage information. Position sensors are placed in the areas where the forklifts will be operated. The usage data collected throughout the day are transferred to the system through gateways installed in the parking area.
Optimized Utilization Through Forklift Usage Measurement - forklift kullanım optimizasyonu
forklift kullanım optimizasyonu

Optimized Utilization Through Forklift Usage Measurement

  • Measure when and for how long forklifts are being operated
  • Record idle or downtimes to be aware of when the forklift is not being productive
  • Identify inefficient usage and increase forklift utilization by optimizing scheduling, vehicle routes and
  • Streamline your forklift fleet by purchasing/renting vehicles sufficient for operational needs and control costs

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