Pandemic Safety

Prevent the Spread of Viruses With Social Distancing

and Contact Tracing Automation

How Pandemic Safety Works?

Boni Global’s cloud-based IoT pandemic safety solution for businesses that includes necessary tools to enforce social distancing measures and conduct contact tracing when needed.

With social distancing wearable devices, employees are warned when they are too close to another device user. The IoT devices record interaction data to be used for contact tracing activities and risk analysis. All interaction data is recorded and viewed through the management panel.
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Our Pandemic Safety Solution Has Proven Success

Why Pandemic Safety?

  • Proven track record of decreasing work loss by 44% and saving clients up to $200.000 per year during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The solution can be easily deployed with plug-and-play gateway installation, device activation and web-based user panel.
  • Clients maintain business continuity in the context of a global pandemic and avoided costs associated with sick leaves, health compensation, reduced workforce.
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Monitor Social Distancing Compliance and Physical Interactions to Ensure Safety

  • Take the guesswork out of social distancing with Bluetooth wearable devices that warn wearers in real-time with buzzer/sound/light.
  • Wearable devices are ergonomically designed for comfort in any working situation.
  • GSM or WiFi Gateway receives sensor data from sensors and forwards it directly to the cloud via GDPS or WiFi.

Analyze Risk of Spread Accurately to Manage Human Resources Safely and Efficiently

  • Historical and real-time risky physical interaction data are used for monitoring breaches of social distancing, analyzing social networks of employees and finally tracing back contacts for accurate filiation reporting.
  • Advanced AI capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud anticipates effects of social distancing on business processes such as production, maintenance and sales, allowing for better planning.
  • Decision making is simplified with data-driven methods.

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