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Location Awareness for

Forklift Safety

More than 14% of all workplace accidents are caused by the loss of control of  equipment causing collisions and injuries, making it the second most observed accident type and the cause of many fatalities. 

The frequency of the incidents, combined with the high fatality rate has made collisions one of the most important workplace safety issues to address, especially for facilities such as factories, warehouses, shipyards, construction sites and mining plants. Forklift collision avoidance systems and proximity warnings can be crucial to prevent accidents.

Collision Avoidance System in turkey forklift çarpışma önleme sistemi forklift monitoring solutions forklift izleme çözümleri

features of forklift collision avoidance system

2 Level Warning With Buzzer

Pedestrians and forklift operators are warned through their smart badge with vibration with two intensity levels based on distance parameters set by the company.
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Visual Alerts

Forklifts are equipped with safety lights with sound that automatically flash to warn pedestrians around.
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Parametric Slowing Down/Stopping

Forklifts automatically slow down or stop when they are near another vehicle or a pedestrian. Panel administrators can set safe zones in which forklifts can be slowed down to prevent any collisions.
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Management Panel and Application

WHS departments and all relevant personnel can monitor processes, change parameters and observe safety performance remotely.
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Access Control & Shift Management

Multi-purpose smart badges can also be used for turnstile activation.

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Securing Loading Docks

On loading docks, there is a steady flow of truck and forklift traffic that must operate safely and efficiently. To prevent collisions or other accidents, the loading dock area can be installed with sensors that recognize the presence of vehicles or pedestrians and activate warning signals to ensure all are notified of the risky situation through their UWB wearable devices.
Securing Loading Docks - Yükleme Rampalarında Güvenlik

Work Safety Benefits of forklift collision Avoidance System

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Informed Workforce

With location awareness, employees are more capable of protecting themselves and others from collisions.

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Process Automation

Safe Steps automates vehicle safety to minimize the risk of human error.

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Data-Driven Risk

  • Predictive Analysis
  • What if scenarios
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Simplified Safety

  • User management simplified
  • Team-based system management
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Customizable Solution

Customizable Solution

The collision avoidance system can be customized based on operational needs by setting distance parameters.
Customizable safety Solution for factories
flexible solution

Flexible Solution

This system can be bundled with other Safe Steps modules for pandemic safety and lone worker safety for an all-in-one workplace safety solution without additional investment on infrastructure or training.
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Ease of

  • Plug & Play GW Installation
  • Easily Activated Wearables
  • User Friendly Web Application
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  • Allowing users to stay socially distanced with warnings in real-time
  • Risk assessment of the teams with contact tracing

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