Zone-Based Forklift Speed Control
Automate forklift speed control to eliminate human error from your safety concerns

How Zone-Based Forklift Speed Control Works?

The solution brings together UWB wearable devices for employees and UWB tags for vehicles such as forklifts, trucks, AGVs and lifting equipment.

Using UWB as a communication protocol, the proximity between devices and tags are measured to detect any risky situation that may result in a collision.

With zone-based speed control, the parameters of slowing down or stopping can be set based on the riskiness of the zones through the SafeSteps Management Panel. When there is a risk of collision in crowded, high-traffic zones, the vehicle will automatically be stopped.

Meanwhile, in wider zones with less pedestrian traffic, the vehicle can be automatically slowed down to prevent any risk of collision.

How Zone-Based Forklift Speed Control Works
Automated Slowing Down-Stopping

Automated Slowing Down and Stopping to Prevent Human Error From Causing Collisions

  • Preestablish speed limits for each work zone in your facilities

  • When there is risk of collision with another vehicle or a pedestrian, vehicles autonomously stop or slow down depending on the proximity

  • Prevent blind spots and operator errors from causing collisions, overturns or other accidents

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