Forklift Proximity Warning

Proximity warnings for forklift operators and pedestrians to prevent collisions

How Forklift Proximity Warning Works?

The solution brings together UWB wearable devices for employees and UWB tags for vehicles such as forklifts, trucks, AGVs and lifting equipment.

Using UWB as a communication protocol, the proximity between devices and tags are measured to detect any risky situation that may result in a collision.

Through wearable devices, pedestrians and forklift operators are warned with vibration when risk of collision is detected.

Forklift Proximity Warning system - safe steps
warning buzzer

2-level Buzzer and Audiovisual Warnings

  • Two levels of buzzer intensity available to demonstrate the level of risk based on the distance parameters set by the organization

  • Two level warning helps balance safety with efficiency by differentiating levels of risk and the level of caution necessary

  • LED lights and auditory warning mechanisms activate when risky proximity is detected, warning pedestrians around the vehicle.

Actionable Reports

  • Monitor and record details about near misses and collisions to create reports

  • Analyze floor plan and zone usage and use insights to ensure all safety risks are addressed

  • Increase the visibility of safety risks within your facilities to make improvements
actionable reports - safe steps

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