2.5 D Digital Mapping
Take your indoor maps to the next level

How 2.5D Digital Mapping Works?

Digital maps are the foundation of all other location-based services such as navigation, positioning and geofencing. 2.5D maps add heights to flat 2D maps with occupied space represented as a series of columns of different heights that show what space is filled.

With rich and in-depth 2.5D maps, the accuracy of location-based services such as navigation for people and automated devices is increased, allowing for a smarter, better managed facility.

Digital Mapping

2.5 D Map DEMO

Rich 2.5D Maps for Better Visibility

  • Have a more in-depth look into the features of the facility with height and elevation calculation

  • High accuracy indoor navigation for people and automated devices

  • Increased visibility for complex facilities with open and enclosed areas and multiple buildings

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