Mold Tracking

Zone-Based Mold Tracking

Many manufacturing companies use injection molds during the production process. The number of molds used can go up to 60.000 pieces and typically, molds are being moved within the facility as well as across the supply chain. In a high volume/high mix manufacturing environment, mold tracking can increase efficiency, prevent losses and significantly affect the bottom line.

Boni Global’s Mold Tracking Solution allows for zone-based tracking with BLE-powered devices or passive RFID tags that are small, easily mountable and durable against the high temperatures and repeated cycles of the injection molding processes. Minimum gateway installation is required only in zones where molds are used, providing enterprises with a cost-effective, easily deployed mold tracking solution.

Reduce Search Time and Optimize Production With Mold Tracking

  • Zone-based mold  tracking allows for reduced battery use and minimal gateway installation costs.
  • Option to use passive RFID tags for improved durability against harsh conditions of injection processes.
  • Locate molds immediately within the facility or at the supplier facility.
mold tracking - kalıp takibi

Tailor Made Solution for Mold Tracking

  • Internal battery of BLE devices can send up to 1000 Records.
  • Small compact tracker device allows for 4 different mounting options.
  • Water and dust resistant casing (IP67)
  • Gateway coverage available for suppliers of the enterprise as well as the main facility.
Tailor Made Solution for Mold Tracking - kalıp takibi

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