Operator Login Solution

Monitor Employee Productivity in Manufacturing Facilities

Tap into and analyze IoT data from wearable sensors for significant improvements in productivity, product quality and safety.


Employee Productivity

Monitor workstations in the production line for employee presence.
Analyze productivity with accurate IIoT data, identify inefficiencies and optimize.

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Quality Control

Match production output with operator to identify errors. Integrate Operator Login API with MES to support quality control processes and improve accuracy.

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Work Safety

Ensure machinery is only operated by trained and qualified employees.
Prevent risky business practices and protect your workforce.

Monitor Performance, Analyze Productivity
and Boost Quality Control with Operator Login

Record Workstation Login History
It can be reported how much time the personnel spend in which area. Performance measurement can be made with the data.
Log Idle Times
The time spent outside the coverage area of the gateways placed in workstations can be recorded and reported to monitor how much of the shift is spent on non-work related activities.

Monitor Working Hours
Working hours report can be obtained by recording the time when they enter the monitoring area for the first time they enter and when they last exit.
Improve Production Quality
Match operator to output to reduce internal production errors, decrease customer returns and reduce warranty costs.

How Operator Login Solution Works

  • Wearable devices are used to automatically check in and out of workstations and log the time spent.
  • Productivity analysis and relevant charts can be accessed from the management panel.
  • Quality control by operator-output match is available with API integration to MES systems.
  • If personnel is not authorized to operate machinery, their check in will be recorded and they will be warned with sound and light through their wearable device.
operator login solution

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