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At Boni Global, we create technologies by considering the efficiency and safety of companies. Each technology is created to solve the problem that your company needs, and to increase efficiency. Thanks to various devices and the comprehensive platform, assets can be tracked, security problems can be resolved, and employee productivity can be increased. Moreover, your company’s performance can be maximized.  


We can explore the technologies created with Boni Global under 4 different categories. With Tracker, Sensor, Zone Sensor, and Gateway devices, it becomes possible to reach the solution you demand.

iot devices tracker - iot tracker devices - IOT CİHAZLARI


Tracker devices are compact structures that can be carried easily. They offer customizable features as well as being easy to install and instantly connect with the panel.  

  • Optional Battery Features; It has two different power mechanisms Chargeable and Replaceable.   
  • Waterproof Design; It creates a non-stop working performance indoors and outdoors. It is not affected by adverse weather conditions such as rain, strong winds, or snow. Maximum water-tightness performance is achieved thanks to high IP levels.  
  • Configurable Press Button; The features of the button in its functional design can be assigned according to the tasks.  
  • Advanced Alert System; In moments of danger, rule violations, or special announcements, users can receive both audible and visual notifications.  
  • Wearable Equipment Variety; Tracker devices have multiple forms. It can be worn around the neck with a hanger or on the arms as a watch. It does not restrict the users’ mobility and does not cause discomfort thanks to its light structure.  
  • Transmission Protocol; Created with advanced technology, tracker devices offer an error-free, interoperable system that eliminates data congestion. Thanks to the various communication protocols, the required accuracy can be achieved.   


Indoor and outdoor sensors are devices that enable humidity, heat, temperature, load, vibration and pressure analysis of assets. Various data of the assets, personals and environment can be monitored closely thanks to the sensor devices.  

  • Non-Stop Performance; Sensors continue to work in all areas. It transfers data analysis in an up-to-date manner indoors and outdoors.  
  • Reliable Results; Sensors designed with advanced technology transmit results that minimize the margin of error.  
  • Extra Sensitive; When sensor devices connect with assets, personals and environment, they begin to work as a whole. Required analyzes are instantly transferred to you thanks to sensitive data tracking.
iot sensors
zone sensor - iot devices

Zone Sensor

BLE-based zone sensors, which are the advanced technology in indoor monitoring, are produced for those who want fast solutions in a short time. Its versatile system allows you to get high efficiency in asset tracking.  


  • Battery-Operated; It creates a long-lasting user experience with its high-performance power system.  


  • Waterproof Design; It is designed with a waterproof surface to eliminate unwanted malfunctions and creates a solid structure. Devices with high IP levels provide full water tightness even against pressurized water.  


  • Transmission Protocol; The uninterrupted connection feature provides a maximum performance between the device, user, and asset.


The device gateway transfers data over GSM or Wi-Fi. Company productivity is maintained with fast, effective, and error-free connectivity.  


  • Waterproof Design; A solid device surface is created to prevent data loss against adverse weather conditions indoors or outdoors.  


  • Transmission Protocol; Fast and effective results are obtained with the advantages of the latest technology in data connection.

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