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work health and safety maNAGEMENT WITH AN All-In-One Digital solutıon

Safe Steps encompasses a set of tools that meet the need for compliance with work health and safety regulations at your facilities, Access all your work health and safety functions from a single panel to simplify safety management and mitigate the day-to-day risks of running a complex operation. Safe Steps makes universal safety and health at work easy to achieve.

With location-tracking abilities, Safe Steps IoT devices and single access point management panel monitors work health and safety functions to protect the safety of workers, ensure healthy practices and analyze risks to make sure employees stay healthy and productive.

LEVERAGE locatıon trackıng and INTERNET OF THINGS TO Build a culture of excellence in work health and safety

MESS Safe: ıot work health and safety solution

mess safe internet of things solution

With the global COVID-19 outbreak, safety at work has become even more important for business continuity and sustained economies. Experts have suggested that social isolation and contact tracing are our main tools against the virus, making it a priority to find a way to digitalize work health and safety processes for more effectiveness. MESS Safe was developed to automate safety management during the pandemic.

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Safe Steps mobile application and platform for work health and safety aims to help businesses digitally transform their operations and rapidly adapt to the current conditions as the world emerges from lockdown and employees go back to work

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