Container Tracking

Indoor-Outdoor Positioning for Containers

All around the world, businesses rely on cargo container ships to transport their goods and merchandise. Since the shipping process is very complex and contains many steps, there is a lot of uncertainty and potential for arising issues. In the worst case, wrong placement of containers can lead to delays of several months.

By tracking the location of containers indoors and outdoors, Boni Global’s Container Tracking solution ensures that the right cargo is on the right ship. With geofencing, relevant personnel can automatically be informed if a container is not placed in the right section of the terminal or if it is moved without permission. The solution helps reduce container dwell time and minimize repositioning costs, quickly identify delays and deviations.

Streamline Logistics Operations with Container Tracking

  • Container tracking helps you confirm your containers’ whereabouts at all times and be prepared for uncertainties.
  • Container tracking allows you to account for reusable containers and ensure there are no losses.
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Track Your Containers Anytime, Anywhere

  • Hybrid BLE/GPS container tracking devices provide seamless integration of outdoors and indoors.
  • Cloud-based container tracking system allows access to panel from anywhere in the world.
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