Digital Twin
Create a 3D virtual model of your facility to increase efficiency and traceability

What is Digital Twin Technology?

A digital twin is a virtual model of a process, product or service. Bringing together the virtual and physical worlds, digital twins allow analysis of data and monitoring of systems to predict possible issues, prevent downtime, leverage new opportunities and even plan for the future by running simulations.
What is Digital Twin Technology
How Digital Twin Works

How Digital Twin Works?

The first step to create the 3D digital model of your facility using LİDAR technology, which illuminates targets with a laser and measures reflected light with sensors, which then can be used to generate 3D environment maps. The model is then integrated with the sensors in the area that gather data about real-time status, working condition, or position of a physical asset. Collected data is then processed and analyzed against business and other contextual data.

Understand the Present, Predict the Future and Always Stay Ahead

  • Predictive maintenance lowers maintenance costs. Digital twins allow management to understand potential failures and pain points so that businesses minimize non-value adding maintenance activities

  • Analyze accurate data to optimize processes and improve performance.

  • Testing to understand feasibility of new processes is simplified with digital twins. Ensure the success of your plans with digital twin simulations.
Understand the Present, Predict the Future and Always Stay Ahead

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