Forklift Access Control

Make Sure Your Valuable Forklifts

Are with the Responsible Personnel

How Forklift-Operator Match Works?

Tracking device with built-in RTLS sensor is mounted on the forklift. Card type device is given to the responsible personnel.

When the person and the forklift are separated, the platform gives the movement information by notifying the management panel.

Panel administrators are able to track all unsupervised forklifts and mobile equipment in real time.

Forklift Proximity Warning system forklift erişim kontrolü
yalnız çalışan güvenliği

Optimize Forklift Operations and Ensure the Safety of Personnel with Forklift Access Control

  • Know immediately when a forklift planned for usage is not being used to optimize processes
  • Ensure the responsible operator is in possession of the equipment to prevent usage by untrained and unauthorized personnel to boost safety of logistics operations.

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