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Overview of Work Health and Safety in Industrial Facilities

Modern manufacturing plants produce big batches of mass-produced products while meeting tight deadlines to keep up with the demand. During production and related activities, employees are required to complete high-risk tasks everyday. Therefore, manufacturing facilities should work on protecting their employees while maintaining efficiency. Manufacturers of heavy industrial goods such as metal and steel, durable household goods, automotives and other vehicles should especially make it a priority to ensure the highest level of occupational safety within their facilities for healthy operations and resilience.

There are many ways connectivity can solve major safety and security issues that affect worker health as well as operational efficiency. Operating heavy machinery, working in high-risk areas, handling hazardous materials and in the context of a global pandemic, having employees work together in enclosed settings can create safety issues that can be effectively addressed with IoT technologies.

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pandemic safety solutions for industrial facilities - sanayi tesisleri için çözümler

Pandemic Safety

In production facilities, employees work together in enclosed settings where airborne transmissions easily occur. It is difficult to monitor social distance compliance without having personnel present and monitoring each worker at all times. It is also challenging to keep track of all contacts for filiation when there is a positive case identified within the workforce.

Safe Steps Pandemic Safety module digitalizes social distancing and contact tracing processes with BLE-powered wearable devices ergonomically designed to be used in every stage of the production process. By measuring proximity between devices and warning users when safe distance is breached, Safe Steps aims to empower workers to keep themselves and others safe from the risk of transmission. Devices also record all risky interactions, which can be viewed from the management panel by relevant personnel.

Lone Worker Safety

Many manufacturing operations include tasks done by lone workers. Daily tasks such as fixing and maintenance of equipment and different stages in the production require workers to move across the facilities, many times without their colleagues. Depending on the operations, there are also many incidents that may require lone workers to ask for assistance such as falling heights, loss of control of equipment and exposure to dangerous chemicals. Lone workers may also need assistance in enclosed areas that are difficult to observe remotely.

Safe Steps Lone Worker Safety module allows management to monitor the safety of lone workers wherever they are. The devices include an easy to reach panic button to be used to ask for assistance and to activate RTLS to locate the employee in need immediately. The device is also capable of automatically alerting the management panel in no movement situations or falls to make sure relevant personnel is alerted when the worker is unable to do so.

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safe evacuation solutions for industrial facilities

Preparation for Facility-Wide Emergency Scenarios

Emergency preparedness is particularly important for industrial facilities that contain a large workforce. The large size of the area creates difficulties in locating and evacuating all workers in time. Depending on the product being produced, there may also be hazardous materials being used during the production process, which can cause incidents such as fires, explosions and chemical leaks that require a full evacuation. In the case of a natural disasters like earthquakes, it is crucial to make sure all employees are evacuated out of the building and are gathered in the meeting area outside.

Safe Steps Lone Worker module helps with evacuation situations by allowing WHS personnel and other relevant departments to monitor the process remotely through the management panel or the mobile application for more flexibility. All preestablished zones and the employees in them can be observed from a single screen on the panel to ensure all workers are evacuating and reaching the safe zone.

Safe Steps mobile application and platform aims to help businesses digitally transform their operations and rapidly adapt to the current conditions as the world emerges from lockdown and employees go back to work

Collision Avoidance

Production and transportation activities in industrial facilities require the usage of large mobile vehicles such as forklifts, AGVs and lifting equipment which may cause collisions or other vehicle-related accidents. These accidents are not only common, but can have a high risk of fatality, making it a very important safety issue to address.

Safe Steps Proximity Warning and Collision Avoidance system uses the same IoT infrastructure to leverage connectivity for vehicle safety. The system prevents vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian collisions by providing location awareness to workers and mobile equipment. With wearable devices for pedestrians and UWB tags installed on vehicles, pedestrians are warned when they are near a vehicle and the vehicle is automatically slowed down or stopped without driver intervention.

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safe steps work health and safety platform for Industrial Facilities

Find out how different features of Safe Steps solve industry specific health and safety needs. 

Safe Steps uses different communication protocols to ensure the most precise and accurate measurements. GPS, NB-IoT, Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband can be used depending on the specific needs of the facility.
Safe Steps wearable devices use light, sound and vibration to alert workers of risky situation to ensure the warning can be received in any situation.
Safe Steps devices include an easy to reach panic button and the ability to automatically alert the management panel in no movement scenarios to ensure all workers in need of assistance are located and helped in time wherever they are.
Vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to pedestrian collisions can be avoided even in the most complex operations with Safe Steps. When there is a risk of collision, pedestrians and vehicle operators are warned through wearable devices, while vehicles can be automatically slowed down or stopped depending on distance parameters set by the management.
Safe Steps can be used to manage emergency scenarios as well. For situations that require a full evacuation, panel admins can carry out a roll call through the panel to ensure all employees have reached a pre-established safe zone.
Safe Steps smart badges can be utilized to restrict access and control entries to certain areas of the plant to prevent accidents, such as chemical exposure and other health hazards.
Safe Steps Pandemic Safety, Lone Worker Protection and Collision Avoidance modules can be bundled together for a complete WHS solution, allowing all safety processes to be managed and monitored from a single panel. Without a need for additional platforms, employees need training only for the Safe Steps platform.
Safe Steps management panel offers WHS departments and company management an overall view of safety performance with relevant and actionable insights that can help improve processes.

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Safe Steps mobile application and platform aims to help businesses digitally transform their operations and rapidly adapt to the current conditions as the world emerges from lockdown and employees go back to work

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