Personnel Tracking

Historical and Real Time Location Tracking for Safety and Efficiency Benefits 

How Personnel Tracking Works?

With ergonomically designed wearable devices that can be attached to the belt or worn as a smart badge, the historical and real-time location of your employees can be tracked and their location can be visualized on a management panel accessed only by authorized personnel. Heat maps can be created to visualize occupancy of different zones and analyze usage for optimization.

Depending on the operational needs of the organization and the features of the location, BLE,  Wi-Fi or GPS for outdoors are available as the protocol for wireless communication.

How Personnel Tracking Works
Personnel Tracking features

Increase Employee Safety and Optimize Processes With Location Intelligence

  • Optimize workflows, work stations and equipment usage by analyzing accurate location data
  • Simplify social distancing, access management and attendance control
  • Track the location of lone workers in case of accidents or other emergencies
  • Ensure all employees are at the mustering area in evacuation scenarios
  • Make sure valuable equipment is with the responsible employee at all times

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