Asset Tracking

Keep Track of Your Valuable Assets 24/7

How Asset Tracking Works?

Business assets such as inventory, containers, equipment, machinery  and vehicles are installed with tags, which track the location of each asset within the facility. Gateways installed in areas where location tracking is required receive the location data from tags and send it to the software to be viewed through the management panel. Historical movements and real time location of each asset can be easily viewed from any device.

Depending on the operational needs of the organization and the features of the location, BLE,  Wi-Fi or GPS for outdoors are available as the protocol for wireless communication.

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Track Down Equipment and Inventory Reduce Search Time and Focus on Value Added Tasks

Track Down Equipment and Inventory, Reduce Search Time and Focus on Value-Added Tasks

  • Track the location of lost or misplaced equipment or inventory immediately, reduce time spent on searching and cut costs associated with unnecessary purchases
  • Locate mobile vehicles like forklifts quickly
  • Optimize workflows, work stations and equipment usage by analyzing accurate location data
  • Make sure valuable equipment is with the responsible employee at all times
  • Establish a complete asset management system with the addition of impact and environmental measurement sensors. (link to digital twin, cold chain)

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