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Building Passenger Engagement Through Location Intelligence

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passenger experience

Improved Passenger Engagement

Multi-channel solution provides seamless passenger journey and increased customer satisfaction in the airport and the retailers
passenger experience

10.000 Daily Usage

Peak time passenger engagement reached to 10.000 daily usage 


3 Terminals Covered

One domestic and two international terminals covered with a total area of 168.000 m²


Multilingual Solution

A multilingual navigation solution offered for the large number of international tourists visiting Antalya 

Building Passenger Engagement Through Location Intelligence

Antalya is a major destination during the European summer leisure season due to its location at the country’s Mediterranean coast. Antalya is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the region, with the busiest airport during peak tourism periods. Fraport and TAV, major airport terminal operators are jointly managing two international and one domestic terminal at the Antalya Airport. With almost 100.000 daily visitors, there was an urgent need to enhance the experience for arriving and departing passengers with high-end, state-of-the-art technologies. 


A complete All-in-One Location Management Platform for A Better Passenger Journey

A mobile application, sponsored by Antalya Airport IT Department, was jointly developed by Boni Global and local Wi-Fi access provider Doruk.Net. Boni Global’s map management platform provided indoor navigation integrated to the Antalya Airport mobile application. A precise location-based infrastructure was developed to create an engagement with international passengers. While providing a wayfinding solution, with the participation of the retailers in the terminal, an offer management system was deployed. For accessibility, the Loud Steps SDK integration provides special interfaces ensure guidance and support for the blind, deaf, physically disabled, autistic, anxious, and elderly passengers with various tools. The customizable interface provides iconographic guidance for the deaf and hard hearing visitors and auditory guidance to blind and visually impaired customers.  

Innovative Help Kiosks for a Seamless Passenger Experience

In collaboration with Innova, six touch screen kiosks were placed in the terminals, that directly connects the user to the information desk staff located in the terminal through live chat. The kiosks equipped with a handset allows to choose from multiple languages to ensure the highest quality of communication from the beginning to the end of the interaction. With this application, passengers are able to get assistance from staff wherever they are in the terminal, significantly improving their travel experience. 


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