Passenger Services and Wayfinding

The Future of Travel Experience


“ICF Smart Steps is the first mobile assistance application worldwide for blind and visually impared passangers at an airport. We are happy to use the same navigation feature base in our new mobile app for all of our passangers.”

Deniz Yeni - Fraport TAV Antalya AirportIT Director

Airports, Train and Bus Hub Stations always create an anxiety for both experienced and novice travellers. Security checks, long queues and last minute changes can make a well-planned trip stressful and rushed.

Operators of these travel hubs are also under pressure for smooth operation and providing excellent service to airline companies while keeping the hubs secure, flawless and organized for the passengers.

Also, most countries have laws and regulations for disabled passenger services.

Smart Steps enables your mobile app with positioning and navigation features, that lets you:

Assist disabled passengers with a mobile solution specifically designed user interaface and routes.
Provide passengers better planning, easier navigating around and reducing stress.  Free time can then be better used, e.g. for shopping, relaxing or working.
Assist passengers starting with their arrival at a parking space or a public transport stop, to the check-in counter, on to the security checkpoints and then finally to the gate. Passengers can see their location as a blue point on the map, and all relevant POIs (points of interest) such as restrooms, ATMs, lounges, businesses or car rental agencies.
Analyze of the waiting times at the security checkpoints, support the help desk in passenger calls by transmitting their current position,  getting heat maps, displaying it within an interactive terminal map.
Provide VIP service by greeting people by name on arrival and offering personalised experiences based on their preferences while moving around.