SECURE AND SAFE ZONES - Covid-19 Back to Work Solution available as Mobile Application and/or Wearable devices

Slowing down the spread of Corona virus by tracing the daily and historical interactions of your employees and visitors

The solution aims to help users measure their social distance between people and generate a score based on the number of interactions.

The principal is easy, every user will have a unique private Id, that starts scoring whenever they meet other users. In this way, the application can identify a score to tell the users if they are protecting themselves enough by respecting social-distance.


Using wearable devices or mobile phone applications we exchange anonymous unique ID with Bluetooth. The server facilitates message exchange between devices that detect the same pairing code.

When a device detects a pairing code from a nearby device, it sends the pairing code to the Nearby Messages server for validation, and to check whether there are any messages to deliver for the application’s current set of subscriptions.

Covid-19 Back to work Services Available in an App and Wearable Now

Social Distance Score

Providing a KPI for the workers by measuring their daily activities such as people met, locations visited (location can also be equipment in a faciilty such as elevator)

Safe Zone Alert

Providing an Indicator showing the number of occupants in an enclosed space, such as room, or even a bus (shuttle)

Visitor Contact Tracking

When an outsider visits the facility, they are given a smart tag, which detects their contacts with employees

Social Distance Notifier

When users break the social distance, they are notified with instant push notification

Social Distance Alert

When users break the social distance, they are notified with LED light and a sound from a buzzer

Safety Alert Button

In case of an emergency, employee can push a button to call emergency alert

Non-Explosive Tag

A contact tracking, positioning and alarm button device

Safe Navigation

Customizable routes for different usage in order to avoid unnecessary crowded areas

Real time monitoring of facility cleaning and maintenance

Ensure the hygiene and maintenance inside the building

Available Tables

A reservation system, showing hotel guests the available tables that are distanced from the others which is separated by social distance

Check in and queue management

Visualize virtual queues and check in or out without human contact

Analytics and reporting

Real-time, historical data and heat-maps of human interactions, and facility usage with a simple and easy admin panel

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