Social distance evaluation of the employees prevents the virus from spreading in your workplace


Let your employees know about their social distance scores


Trace back their physical interactions in case of a  reported contamination

Wearable Device for Social Distance Measuring with Warning Light / Buzzer.

The wearable devices notifies the employees if the social distance is broken while tracking their contact information.

The devices are customizable and safe to use in risky zones as well, and are equipped with a buzz indicator that notify employees and a led indicator to be used in louder areas.

SAFE STEPS Social Distance Tracer with Mobile App

The application is a supporting solution for the wearable devices, that aims to trace physical interactions between the Employees, record, and save physical interaction between them using contact information.

The application uses gamification and scoring specifically designed to motivate employees to keep social distance while creating awareness with instant notification in case of non-respect of the required distance.

SAFE STEPS Reporting Platform for Contact Tracing and Social Distance Measure

Safe Steps Platform for Contact Tracing
The platform measures and saves Close interactions in the system that observes social distance and physical interactions between the employees or visitors through the mobile application or wearable devices and traces backward the interactions of its users in case of possible contamination.

How it works?

Why Safe Steps ?

Why Contact Tracing is Important to Protect Your Working Environment?

Safe Steps mobile application and platform aims to help businesses digitally transform their operations and rapidly adapt to the current conditions as the world emerges from lockdown and employees go back to work. By automating safety management, businesses can make sure their employees are protected from the spread of the virus much more efficiently and cost-effectively. The application strives to boost employee morale and productivity by ensuring their safety, while informing them about social distance rules and encouraging them to adopt healthy social distancing habits that will keep them safe at work. By using this safety management tool, businesses can also avoid costs associated with sick leaves, health compensation and reduced workforce by preventing the spread of the virus. Finally, Safe Steps will help businesses stay prepared for any future health crises and its challenges and facilitate safety management within the workplace.

Peer-to-Peer Contact Tracing

Without the necessity of internet connection in the device or a gateway installation covering all the workplace, smart wearable devices are able to measure social distance and store the data within each other. Social distancing becomes more accurate as the devices take out the guesswork and warn users any time they are not at a safe distant from another user.


  • Lightweight wearable devices
  • Longer battery life
  • Casing to protect devices against dust and water.
  • Customizable with supporting mobile application.
  • Reduced Gateway installation operations
  • Time saving and cost efficient


The application is also used for personalizing wearable devices. Management or the employee can modify features of the wearable devices such as changing the social distance level, or turning LED, vibration or buzzer based warnings on/off on the wearable devices. Additionally, the application acts as a gateway between a wearable device and the platform to provide a data stream. Therefore without installing additional gateways in the facility, the application is able to overcome the internet connection need. (We may remove this feature due to limitations by Apple and Google)


  • Graphical based interface for the users
  • Customization of the wearable devices in personal, team or company level
  • Social Distancing Score to incentivize users to keep their social distance

Advanced Analytics

Data collected from the wearable device/mobile application allows the management to monitor breaches of social distancing and analyze employee social networks for risk of transmission and create filiation reports. With the AI capabilities of the solution, you can conduct what-if analysis based on potential infection scenarios to estimate the likelihood of spread and simplify shift planning accordingly.


  • Ready-to-use dashboards for Social Distancing Monitoring
  • Advanced Network Analytics like Social Network Analysis
  • Advanced AI for anticipating effects of social distancing to daily business process
  • Powered by SAP HANA and Analytics Cloud

Privacy Statement

Safe Steps is GDPR Compliant

Let your employees know that while you are respecting social distance measure, you are also protecting their personal information.

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Developed by Boni Global for MESS – Turkey’s Employers Association of Metal Industries

Physical contact tracing in workplaces and identifying users interactions directly or indirectly via developed application and wearable devices.

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