Create data from analytics to be used for getting new customers and building customer loyalty. Use customer analytics for both targeted and real-time advertising and through well timed special offers, incentives spending by highlighting extra services and POIs. Using the analytics of consumer behavior and flow, increase the success rates of advertisement and lower the advertisement costIncrease security using real-time tracking of assets and staff and protect unauthorized/private areas. Lower the costs of assistive services by determining ways to reduce the workload of mall staff by monitoring the facility and using enhanced logistics analytics with indoor mapping and tracking. Communicate about the venue being more accessible and inclusive with guidance services.


Provide detailed information about the venue, facilities, POIs and extra services on the digital map(app, website, kiosk, etc), supported by photos and information, with seamless integration between outdoor and indoor maps. Allow access to a map of the property with the ability to choose rooms like airplane seats. Create a personalized user experience based on analytics, using geo-fencing. Send notifications based on location (offers, information, future events etc.). Provide a Search/discover function for extra services and POIs to make them easier to find to reduce customer frustration. Decrease the abandonment rate by providing quality experience and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.Communicate about the venue being more accessible and inclusive with guidance services.


Use the same platform to manage navigation and all related matters, and to digitize processes and information. 

Control venue by seeing all users on map and detect and count presence in specific areas to study customer’s movements and interactions with the venue and analyze and optimize operations and logistics. Use this data to identify location related issues and improve them by organizing the staff according to customer flow and creating personalized routes and granting access to them according to user status. Monitor the facility to protect unauthorized areas from being accessed by wanderers and to track venue assets with the option to get alerts when trackable objects are moving. By correlating the flows and the frequencies discover your venue’s full potential.

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