Passengers Served

The application provided services to 5 Million passengers.
Area Covered

Area Covered

with 5.000 Bluetooth Beacons and 2.000 Access Points installed
Inclusive Solution

Inclusive Solution

Provide Navigation for passengers with reduced mobility
Integrated Solution

Integrated Solution

Provided an integrated, multi-channel map management platform
Iga application

An integrated, multi-channel, universal terminal navigation solution

In 2019 the newly developed Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA), with 1,3 million square meters terminal area, 90 million annual passengers, and 50.000 staff to serve, opened. A hub airport at the intersection of three continents, IGA urgently needed a solution to ensure smooth passenger experience for all travelers arriving and departing. With a large number of passengers with reduced mobility passing through the airport each month, IGA was seeking a navigation solution that would provide guidance and comfort to all users. At the same time, the large, complex venue required an efficient facility management solution to manage processes and logistics and enable strategic decision making.

A terminal map management and tracking solution

Boni Global partnered with Ist.Aero, the technology subsidiary of the IGA, in order to develop an integrated, multi-channel, universal terminal map management, tracking, and navigation solution. The digital map of the entire premises was produced, which was then used as a foundation for many other location-based services such as indoor tracking, navigation and accessibility solutions. Through the management panel, the administration is able to monitor the entire venue and its population, simplifying and automating venue management. They are able to view visitors who need assistance, utilization of different areas and POIs and employees. With indoor tracking, the management has the opportunity to collect and analyze usage data to maximize their utilization and plan usage and availability accordingly. They are able to identify footfall, high dwell areas, bottlenecks, and even queue lengths to optimise airport operations and the passenger experience in real-time.

indoor tracking

A complete all-in-one location based solution with Boni Global

With indoor navigation and accessibility, the end product provides a single point connected to mobile apps, web sites, kiosks, and the most frequently used map applications (e.g. Apple Maps, Google Maps). The multilingual application has been used by one in ten passengers during the opening of the terminal. Universal user experience design and special interfaces ensure guidance and support for the blind, deaf, physically disabled, autistic, anxious, and elderly passengers with various tools. The customizable interface provides iconographic guidance for the deaf and hard hearing visitors and auditory guidance to blind and visually impaired customers. The application allows all users to create custom routes based on their different needs, like the fastest, shortest or the most accessible way to a certain POI. An extensive analytics solution helps IGA make more informed decisions for passenger experience, retail, staff and asset management.

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