Technology for people in complex environment

Boni, established in 2011, is a technology start-up company, focused on mobile assistive technologies and indoor navigation. Our mission is making physical spaces easily accessible for everyone, including special user experience for visually and hearing impaired people.

Boni, specializing in the field of Prop-Tech, constantly works on to be a frontier about location-based technology services. We are differentiated by our loyalty to our customers, global partners and users. Our expert engineering team always looks for better technology and solution for continued improvement on user experience – including impaired community.

Boni holds 3 different patents for the technology it developed regarding indoor location and interaction.

Its headquarter is in Istanbul, and has three more offices in Chicago, Berlin and London.

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Sarper Sıla


Zehra Sılaoğlu

Director of Finance

Mustafa Sılaoğlu

Head of Operations

Rıza Özdülger

Head of Engineering

Emrah Su

Senior Software Developer

Elanur Yoktan

Mobile Developer

Arın Deniz Köklü

Software Developer

İstem Yıldıran

Experience Designer

Burak Mert

Geomatics Operation Manager

Onur Eroğlu

Sales Engineer

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