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Discover the power

of location intelligence

Discover the power of location intelligence

leverage SMART STEPS ındoor positioning system to Provide Indoor Navigation and Improve Visitor Journey in Your Facilities

Large and complex commercial spaces face the challenge of providing a seamless and independent visitor journey. Whether if it’s a mall, a campus or an airport, it can have immense benefits to provide assistance to the customers so that they are able to navigate the facilities and find what they are looking for. With navigation, mapping, tracking and geofencing capabilities, Smart Steps indoor positioning system strives to digitalize the concept of information desks by providing end-to-end indoor navigation within the facilities, accessible from any smartphone or kiosk.  

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Find out how our clients used Smart Steps to enhance visitor experience and build engagement with their facilities with accurate and precise navigation technologies.


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Safe Steps mobile application and platform aims to help businesses digitally transform their operations and rapidly adapt to the current conditions as the world emerges from lockdown and employees go back to work