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Lone Worker Safety

Ensure Your
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Ensure employee Safety

For Lone Worker Operations

EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM FOR lone Worker Safety and faster emergency response

Safe Steps emergency alert system provides the set of tools necessary to create a network capable of overseeing the movement of wearable devices to provide safer work conditions for lone workers. Emergency preparedness and faster emergency response prevents accidents and minimizes the damage.

emergency alert system

Better risk management with instant detection of unsafe situations.

Always be informed on emergency situations and minimize waste of time when it may be critical to do so 

Faster emergency Response
emergency alert system

Easily detect and monitor employees during emergency situations such as fire or natural disaster.

Flexible and customizable reports based on meaningful data and intuitive dashboard screens.

emergency alert system

How Safe Steps Achieves Highest Level of lone worker safety

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Area control

With the wearable devices, unauthorized access to restricted areas are monitored and prevented for higher level of security and prevention of work accidents.

acil durum hazırlığı emergency alert system


Safe Steps provides employees with additional safety measures in the form of a panic button that is easily accessible in times of emergency.

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Emergency Roll

With Safe Steps emergency alert system devices, missing employees can instantly be identified and reported in case of an emergency evacuation to minimize critical time loss.

acil durum hazırlığı emergency alert system

Man Down

Safe Steps wearable devices detect stillness/fall and notify the relevant monitors to ensure the employee receives the support they need in times of emergency.

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Heat maps that can be accessed from the dashboard provide useful analytical charts to optimize the working conditions of the work place.

Solution Tools for accident prevention and faster emergency response

Wearable Devices + Location Sensors

Location data collected with the wearable devices are used as an emergency alert system to ensure all employees are safe at work or during emergency situations. Wearable devices are designed to be used in any working situation and are waterproof and dust resistant.

NEW Device with getway


The gateway transfers collected data to the servers to be visualized on the dashboard to be used for the emergency alert system or  other safety functions.

acil durum emergency alert system


The Safe Steps dashboard with a user-friendly interface allows for company-wide emergency monitoring with real time and historical reporting capabilities. Powered by SAP Analytics tools, Safe Steps allows administrators to create actionable reports and risk evaluations. 

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Safe Steps mobile application and platform aims to help businesses digitally transform their operations and rapidly adapt to the current conditions as the world emerges from lockdown and employees go back to work.