Safe Steps

Access Control System

Secure Restricted Work Areas

and Monitor Entries For Safety

The SafeSteps Smart Badge provides organizations with one physical access management device that can also be used for contact tracingprotecting lone workers and preventing collisions between pedestrians and vehicles.

Restricted Area Access Management

Simplify granting and revoking authorization based on the employee’s training, job title and other attributes for the security of the facilities as well as the protection of the employees.

Prevent unauthorized entries in high-risk areas to avoid accidents and protect assets

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Benefits of SafeSteps Access Control System

Seamless Employee Experience

Entries into the facility or any restricted areas are made easy with the Smart Badge as a physical access control device.
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Simplified Access Management

SafeSteps Management Panel allows administrators to specify who can access the premises and under what conditions. The manager can create settings based on shifts, time of day, the employee’s rank or job title and more.
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Secure Facilities

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from automated access management systems that secure the facilities and the areas that should have restricted access for safety reasons.

Comprehensive WHS Solution

Bundle with other SafeSteps modules for an all-in-one safety solution with a single entry point to minimize training for panel and device users as well as the investment required.

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Safe Steps Forklift Collision Avoidance moduleaims to help businesses digitally transform their operations for a higher level of employee safety.

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